An unmistakable taste of peach in a refreshing cold drink. The regenerating powers of peach make this tea essential for every moment of the day.


Strong, intense taste with fresh and lemon scented notes. It’s delicate taste and it’s anti-oxidant capabilities make it a refreshing, regenerating drink, perfect for every moment of the day.


Intensity 3
The quality of the finest coffees with the full taste of an authentic aroma are enclosed in this delicate and light blend. This is the perfect blend for who does not want to give up on a fine and intense pleasure of a break without limitations.


Intensity 4
A true nectar of pleasure, with its exotic notes of chocolate, honey and flowers that blend with the more fruity notes of almonds and nuts. An accurate harvest and roasting process guarantees the excellent quality of a coffee with a full a enveloping taste, rich but at the same time delicately sweet.


Intensity 5
A soft and round blend with an enveloping and persistent aroma. A sweet and strong taste, with delicious notes of nuts, which blend perfectly with the distinct hints of bitter cocoa, in well balanced flavors. A velvety caress that seduces the palate.


Intensity 6
Well structured and enveloping, this blend skillfully combines strength and delicacy. The sweetacid balance and the rich texture affect the palate and drive the senses in journey through intense flavors, with decisive notes of dark chocolate, almonds and nuts with fruity notes.


Widespread in the latin american culture, the cortado comes from the habit of adding a small amount of hot milk to the espresso coffee, to soften its sweet-acid taste and make it ideal for the evening.


A delicate aroma and characterized by caramel notes, for a true experience of sweetness: a cuddle that gives energy to face the day with a boost of optimism and wellbeing.


All the goodness of nature in a daily healthy habit, without having to give up on a well balanced and delicate flavor of a drink to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


A soft and dense cloud of sweetness conceals a delicate pleasure of coffee with which it blends harmoniously: it has never been so easy to make a perfect cappuccino.