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A commitment to quality

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Each “MUST ” capsule contains Italy’s tradition for coffee. A culture and a ceremony with roots that go deep into the heart of the Belpaese, in the hills of the Marche region. A tradition which, today, becomes a brand and a product, made special by the Artisan’s touch of an innovative company, impassioned by its mission.

Ultramar Caffè Srl is a new Italian company which produces coffee in self-protected capsules compatible with Nespresso* and Dolce Gusto* machines, as well as its own line of coffee machines.


Is new, but the dream of its founders rests on solid experience in the industry: a team of professionals who have honed their skills in the development of a special technology to obtain water with excellent properties, specific for coffee machines.

After years of research and work, the world of coffee has become not only a passion, but a mission: to independently obtain a high quality product, selecting solely suppliers of excellent raw coffee and using a roasting process with specific toasting cycles that

combine time and temperature to enhance the peculiarities of each blend. The results are guaranteed through collaboration with expert Coffee Masters who formulate the right blends for the international market.