“MUST” means a guaranteed roasting process.

The best beans, selected and imported directly from the producing Countries, are like notes that compose different harmonies, each with its own personality.

The results are unique blends, with unmistakable aromas.

NAPOLI | Intensity 8

LUNGO | Intensity 7

RISTRETTO | Intensity 6

CREMOSO | Intensity 8

100% ARABICA | Intensity 4

BIO | Intensity 4

DECA | Intensity 3





NAPOLI Strong personality, an unmistakable and creamy taste of the true espresso napoletano where sharp notes of the selected prestigious, African coffee beans are enhanced in a triumph of taste while the complete aroma and the warm embrace of the Brazilian coffee beans burst out from its dense and velvety cream.

LUNGO An intense and prolonged pleasure, an enveloping emotion among the aromatic notes of cocoa, spicy almonds and toasted nuts that melt in the perfect contrast of an intense and at the same time delicate blend, decisive but smooth, velvety but rich.

RISTRETTO One is immediately captured by the sweet-sour and creamy notes that envelope the palate in a waltz of intense and precious flavours with clear hints of dark chocolate, almonds and nuts in a fruity context. A full and captivating blend that perfectly combine sweetness, delicacy, intensity and density.

CREMOSO An enveloping aroma, sweet and robust, creamy, scented with captivating nutty nuances, where the sweet and sour notes are set against a rich taste of unsweetened cocoa. Blended flavours that leave a velvety taste in the mouth.

PURO ARABICA Dark chocolate, floral, honey and nutty aromas within a fruity context, typical for freshly picked and just toasted coffee beans that express in their “simple complexity” a full and enveloping flavour that blend with sweetness, delicacy and rich intensity.

BIO 100% Arabica coffee, a high quality product from Indonesia and the Island of Sumatra. This coffee is produced in the Aceh region of the Takengon tableland and has been naturally cultivated for more than 200 years at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,700 meters above sea level.

DECA The scent, the flavour and all the pleasures of a high prestige coffee in a delicate and very pleasant blend that will make your heart beat with emotion … and not because of the caffeine.

GINSENG A delicate aroma marked by a note of caramel, for a truly sweet experience: pamper yourself with energy to face the day full of optimism and a sense of wellbeing.

ORZO All of the goodness of nature in a healthy daily habit, without giving up the harmonious, delicate flavour of a beverage you can drink any time of day.

BEVANDA BIANCA Milk is one of the fundamental products of human consumption for all ages. This milk flavored drink is ideal to make the cappuccino even more tasty and enjoyable.

CIOCCOLATO It has always been considered as a precious and elite food, this delicious cocoa drink represents the true regenerating and energizing break.

CAPPUCCINO A tasty foamy cloud, soft and consistent, hides a delicate taste of coffee to create a harmonious couple: it has never been this easy to prepare a state-of-art cappuccino.

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